The Scene in Downtown Chicago

Downtown Chicago is a vibrant mix of culture and recreation, home to a very lively theater scene. The theaters are situated close to each other and boast of a wide array of performances on the stage. Downtown Chicago has a specific theater district, referring to the cluster of theaters located close to the intersection of the Randolph and Dearborn streets inside the Loop. The stages of Chicago/s theaters offer such diversity that whatever you’re interested in will most likely be playing in one theater in the district. To reach the downtown area and enjoy theater in Chicago, you can get there by car, rail, bus, or Metra.

The theater district in Downtown Chicago is the most popular destination for theater lovers but there are also a number of theaters around the city you can also check out, such as the Trap Door Theater. The Neo-Futuarium, the Stage Left Theater, and the City Lit Theater, as well as the Marriott’s Theater in Lincolnshire, The Lookingglass Theater located at the Water Works, the Drury Lane Theater at the Water Tower, the Chicago Shakespear Theater at the Navy Pier, and the Steppenwolf Theater Company out in Lincoln Park.

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Funny Story

So yesterday I’m walking down Temple St. in Downtown Chicago and I run across an old buddy of mine from high school. I had no idea he lived in the area (nor did he) so we start catching up and he tells me all about what he’s doing nowadays and how he keeps himself busy and such. Turns out he’s quite the entrepreneur. I had no idea that he owned his own jewelry shop out in New York City. Yes, it’s true. The grand old city of New York, and here was my friend right in the middle of it!

The name of the business is LJWest and they sell all kinds of diamonds. I took a look at their shiny Pink Diamonds and my goodness, they were beau-ti-ful! I was instantly reminded of the day that I proposed to my then-girlfriend and now-fiancee. Looking back, I should have probably bought my diamonds from him. Heh.

You never know who you’re going to run into when you live in a metropolitan area. Funny how things turn out because I’m still trying to make it in the theater scene in Chicago. Diff’rent strokes for diff’rent folks, I suppose.

To get tickets to Chicago theater shows, generally you should buy online, over the phone via secure cell phone calls or head for the box office of the theater. There are also third-party sellers you can check out for your ticket needs, most especially for those last-minute tickets you are looking for or if you wish to take advantage of dinner-and-show deals being offered for that complete theater experience. Typically though, the cheapest tickets are those that you will get from the theater’s box office since you take away costs associated with a middleman.

If you’re headed to Downtown Chicago by car, be prepared to go through the hassle of finding space to park. Parking spots are usually scarce so it can take time to find them. To save you the trouble, just park in one of the parking garages set up in the downtown area. Interpark is the primary parking garage for theater-goers in Downtown Chicago and is situated in several locations that are considerably close to the theaters in the district. Theater patrons can enjoy special rates at the Interpark by simply presenting their ticket stub at the garage where they are parked. The Interpark has garages close to the Auditorium Theater, Cadillac Palace, the Ford Center/ Oriental Theater, Drury Lane Theater, LaSalle Bank Theater, Goodsman Theater, and the Chicago Theater.

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What You Can Do As an Actor

As you will definitely notice by now, being an actor is not a walk in the park. Apart from easy steps like striving to learn English, you really have to work your way hard to reach the top.  There will be times, and that means a very long time for some, that your career seem to be not moving forward. Some actors who actually spent many years honing their skills and studying the art even find it very difficult to land a role on minor theater outfits. However, you should not be discouraged about all this talk. Think of this as a challenge. Though acting is one of the most demanding jobs in the country today, it does not mean that you cannot succeed in making a good-paying career out of it. Perhaps not as high paying as the financial and transportation fields, but lucrative nonetheless.  To know more about acting as a profession, feel free to check out today. You can also get in touch with theater outfits in your area.

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What Determines an Actor’s Success

In most cases, the success of a theater actor is really determined by how he or she maintains the proper work ethic. Usually, even if you do not have that certain edge compared to other competitors in the acting game, it is possible to become successful just by sheer determination, patience, self-discipline, and of course, hard work. Nothing can certainly beat these qualities. But of course, it would help more if you have got that It factor. (Click here for a site that also has that “IT” factor.) This means that you have better chances of landing bigger roles if you possess special qualities that make an excellent theater actor. As much as possible, you need to be very versatile. If you can dance, sing, deliver properly, and portray certain characters convincingly without over doing it, then you have more edge than other aspiring actors who do not want to progress and make money while doing it.

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How to Rise the Acting Ranks

Maybe you were a doctor working on curing spina bifida. Or maybe you were a roofer Leeds. Either way, not all actors start as actors. Newbies theater actors often begin their career working for smaller roles in small acting companies. Eventually, depending on their improvement or development as an actor, they may progress to bigger acting assignments in various media. They may even work as understudies to various roles. If in case the lead performer of a certain role becomes unavailable, they can at last grab the opportunity to showcase their talent on the vacant role.

There are even cases wherein a certain actor working for unknown experimental theater outfit suddenly crossovers into better and bigger acting firms. This obviously means an excellent opportunity to captivate bigger audiences.

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Not All Actors Make the Big Show

This guest post was written by Louis Kraml. He can be reached by email at

Albeit the fact that not many actors turn into superstars, some who become professionals find successful careers as well as a stable employment status. Most of the time, you can see them working with regional acting organizations. Some may also appear in TV commercials, become a part of industrial shows, work as voice and acting talent for audiobooks, and narrate films (click here for an example of a side job that actors tend to take up). There are also those who opt to become directors, acting mentors, and even coaches. Other theater actors, on the other hand, may choose to take other work while they are still working out their first legitimate acting role.

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Theater Acting is Extremely Challenging

If you think that being a theater actor is all about fame and glory, think again. In truth, working in the theater business is actually one of the hardest professions in America. Unlike other types of work (such as, perhaps, working at an SEO Arbiter company), a theater actor needs to have rare talent, professional skill, and of course, many years of experience and training. Aside from these requirements, a theater actor must also have the patience and physical stamina to endure an intellectually and physically demanding job. Don’t forget the financial costs of living the acting life, as many struggling actors require loans to keep up. In spite of the high requirements of this particular profession, a lot of people still find it very fulfilling to become a full pledge theater actor if only for the knack of it.

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